SURVUZ Foundation

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The SURVUZ Foundation is a non-profit organization that governs the USM Method. The Foundation invests in the development and distribution of service management knowledge, for a better service economy and for the benefit of society.

The Foundation makes a set of free knowledge products available for service organizations of any size and in any line of business, to enable a sustainable Enterprise Service Management strategy.

The SURVUZ Foundation's vision, mission, core values, strategy, goals, and objectives

The network

The SURVUZ Foundation doesn't work on its own. USM relates to the entire economy and society, and therefore the SURVUZ Foundation works with the actors in the market.

  • SURVUZ accredits Partners and certifies Professionals who want to use USM to improve their professional services
  • SURVUZ certifies products that support the deployment of USM in practice, allowing USM users to choose from trusted products
  • SURVUZ provides information about USM and promotes its use
  • SURVUZ leads the USM Management Group, in which USM Partners and USM Professionals work on the continuous development of the USM method
The structure of the USM network

Principle approach

The SURVUZ Foundation supports and encourages the improvement of service organizations based on the following principles:

  • Organizational improvement is only lasting effective if it is controlled and deployed by internal staff.
  • The deployment of USM is based on the promotion of self-management capabilities, with learning as the central focus.